Organic pork

Friland A/S is one of Europe's largest suppliers of organic meat, and nation-wide we supply 80% of the Danish market. Our typical slaughter pigs are crossbreeds of Yorkshire, Duroc and Danish Landrace.

Our organic pork is sold as fresh meat that can be cut according to customers' specifications. In addition, some of the meat is also processed, i.e. ham, bacon and sausages.

All our organic products have earned the Ø-mark awarded by the Danish government. The mark shows that the animals have been bred under strictly monitored organic conditions, subject to frequent surprise inspections.

And because animal welfare is so important to us, we have also worked with the Danish Animal Welfare Society to establish additional rules for our organic pigs.

Some of the key requirements:

Pigs must remain untethered year-round, with access to lie-down areas and lean, dry bedding

Sows with piglets must always have access to open pastures and sheds, and the piglets must stay with the sow till they are at least 7 weeks old

All slaughter pigs must have outdoor access

Tails cannot be docked, nor teeth cut

The feed cannot contain:

- GMO's
- meat- or bonemeal
- animal fat
- antibiotics, growth promoters or other drugs
- colouring agents or preservatives

If a pig does require medication, it is excluded from organic status for twice as long as the legal exclusion period.